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Correction Policy – In Search of the Optimum
David Mann
We are all striving for excellence in our language services, but sometimes the best we can do is find the happy medium between too much and too little. This article looks at one key area where we need to aim at the right balance: error correction.

List of Priorities for a Director of Studies
David Mann
Practical suggestions on how to work out your more important tasks as a Director of Studies and thus maintain your sanity.

Use Swag to Market Your Language School
Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton
Swag is an important part of the international English school’s marketing strategy. Here are some tips on how to choose swag for your ESL school and how it can help you promote your programs.

Market and Promote English Programs Collaboratively
Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton
You do not have to market your ESL program alone! Not only is this ineffective and exhausting, it is impossible. Marketing is not a solo sport.

Market Your ESL/EFL Program in Multiple Languages to Build Trust with Parents
Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton
English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL or ESL) programs benefit from marketing their programs in a variety of languages. The reason is simple: marketing to people in their native language will help you build trust with them. As the saying goes, “People do business with people they trust.”

The Key to Marketing ESL Programs
Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton
In terms of marketing new programs, and in particular marketing English language programs, there is one key quality that’s required to achieve long term success.

Building ESL program health and sustainability
Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton
Advice and ideas to help you ensure that your ESL program remains successful and that registrations keep coming

Profile of an ESL School Owner
Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton
To be the owner of a language school requires a comprehensive skill set. This article profiles the typical owner of an ESL school, outlining the general characteristics, outlook and skills of those who take the plunge and open their own schools.

One Secret to Marketing Small Language Schools: Proper Job Titles
Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton
At first glance, staff titles may not seem like a topic related to marketing, but the titles you give your staff then get put onto their business cards and possibly on your other marketing materials and communications. Once you choose a job title for someone, they are likely to have it for a long time. It’s important to choose wisely.

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