TEFL Methods Articles

Effective strategies, methods and advice to elevate your teaching and enhance student learning in the English language classroom

Tabletop Games as Teaching Aids
Hamed Lorestani
In this article Hamed Lorestani briefly introduces advantages of playing tabletop games with language learners.

On Using Games in the ESL Classroom
Matt Errey
Matt Errey looks at competitive versus co-operative games, and healthy versus unhealthy competition

Interactivity in Writing
Alex Case
Exciting ways to make writing interactive

Things to Include in a TEFL Workshop
Alex Case
15 ingredients to spice up any TEFL workshop

Tips for People Attending TESOL Conferences
Alex Case
Getting the best out of any TESOL conference

Teaching and Lesson Planning Creativity
Alex Case
How to boost your creativity

Immersion Role-playing
Jason White
Going beyond John and Mary: how to use in-depth role-playing

Teaching with Bingo
Glenn Huntley
Using bingo to teach a variety of lesson points

Tips for Tutoring Adult Students
Eric Roth
Methods and materials for conversation and writing tutors