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Apps to supplement your ESL classroom
Tony Tan
A look into some apps and websites that ESL teachers can use in their classes to augment their English lessons

Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Video Editing
Tonie Rose Guevarra
Discover new things about video editing. Such as how the video editing process and tools started, and some tips to edit video like a pro

7 Helpful Tips for Creating an ESL Lesson Plan
Altiné Moumouni
Proper lesson planning is the difference between a good teacher and a bad teacher

10 Best Writing Tools for Online Teaching (and how to use them!)
Altiné Moumouni
What I found to be a good tool for us as teachers is any tool that helps us save time. And, more importantly, a tool that is accessible anytime and anywhere

How to Build an Effective ESL Course
Armando Pannacci
If you’re just starting as a new ESL teacher or you simply need tips on how to design a truly effective ESL course, here’s how

9 Interactive Teaching Resources for ESL Online
Polina Nesterova
What is interactivity when teaching online? Ways to teach online in a more creative and interactive manner.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Model Answers
Alex Case
How to get rid of the disadvantages and exploit the advantages of using model answers to writing tasks.

How To Review TEFL Materials
Alex Case
A short but comprehensive guide to the process of choosing TEFL materials to review then writing and publishing your opinions on them.

How English Teachers can use MyEC
Tara Benwell
I’m an English teacher and I just joined Now what?

Using Alice in Wonderland to teach English
Torkythai defies you to bore your students by asking them why the Queen wants to behead people; why the rose bush must be painted; why the gardeners have numbers instead of names. A look at one of the greatest children’s books of all time and how it can be used in teaching all ages.

Ways to write a TEFL review
Alex Case
Over the years I have used all of the 15 ideas below when writing reviews, and have given many of these tips to other reviewers

How to judge an EFL textbook for adults
Alex Case
Thinking about, writing about or discussing a book under one, several or all of the headings below can help

Common misconceptions about Business English and ESP
Alex Case
Alex Case explodes some myths

Easy ways to write a TEFL workshop and/ or TEFL article
Alex Case
Sometimes it can be difficult to decide where to start

SAC Shock!!
Alex Case
Tips for self access centres

Cutting Out Cutting Up
Alex Case
Tips for lesson planning and worksheets

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