Daniel Emmerson on the “Learning English Video Project”
Tara Benwell
Director Daniel Emmerson reflects on the “Learning English Video Project”. This is a unique 7-part series of documentary films about people learning English in different countries around the world. The project includes online and classroom materials for learners, and each film is available to watch or download free on

Bethany Cagnol on Organizing an ELT Conference
Tara Benwell
TESOL France President Bethany Cagnol offers a behind the scenes glimpse at what it takes to organize an ELT conference.

Marisa Constantinides Reflects on the 1st year of #ELTchat
Tara Benwell
#ELTchat, a popular Twitter discussion group and hashtag, just celebrated its first birthday. Organizer Marisa Constantinides reflects on the first year of using twitter as a virtual staffroom for ELT related discussions.

Jason Renshaw on Ideas and Creativity
Tara Benwell
Also known as the English Raven, Jason Renshaw shares his thoughts on creative ideas in ELT. The Raven’s three R’s include risk-taking, reflection, and recycling.

Andrew Wright interview
Alex Case
Alex Case interviews famous ELT writer and storyteller Andrew Wright.

Graham Stewart on Teaching English Yoga in Japan
Tara Benwell
Graham Stewart is a Canadian English teacher who currently lives in Japan. For the past nine years he has been on a spiritual journey, combining his passions of teaching English and yoga.

Poolside Interview with Thailand’s American superstar
Joe Essberger
Josef Essberger of talks to Peter Tuinstra about the challenges of acting in a foreign language

Meet the creator of Grammarman
Joe Essberger
Josef Essberger of talks with Brian Boyd, creator of Grammarman, the world’s first and only grammar superhero

Poolside Interview with Matt Errey
Joe Essberger
Josef Essberger interviews the inventor of Word Up.

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