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So, you want to teach English in Vietnam…
Some practical advice on how to get started teaching English in Vietnam

The Native Speaker Myth: Death, Burial, and Funeral of a Fallacy
With 80% of the world’s English teachers not speaking English as their first language, is it time finally to lay to rest the idea that only native speakers from Wapping can teach English?

Words that are different in Japanese and English
Interesting and confusing changes that happen as the Japanese borrow words from English and English-speakers borrow words from Japanese.

How the Japanese chop up English
The interesting but difficult to understand ways that the Japanese shorten English words and expressions, and how that can affect their production and comprehension in L2

Made-in-Japan English words and expressions
A systematic look at Wasei Eigo expressions which are fascinating to read about, vital if you are learning Japanese, and best avoided by Japanese people speaking English

Pronunciation changes in Japanese English
A systematic overview of how the Japanese pronounce English words in their own language, and so therefore often when speaking English too

How Japanese English works
A look at the origins and workings of Japanese English

15 cultural differences in the Korean classroom
Aspects of Korean students that might have an impact on your classroom, with some possible solutions

English is everywhere for everyone
Examples of English that students will almost certainly come across in their everyday lives, as well as some ideas on how to use them in games and activities.

Foreign Students go walkabout
Sir Lez Pat offers heartfelt congratulations to the UK Government for their new student visa regulations.

Celebrating Non-Standard Language Varieties in Taiwan
Once the educational system of Taiwan embraces and celebrates its non-standard languages and dialects, students will understand the value and importance these languages hold

More cultural differences in the Japanese classroom
15 more cultural differences in Japan

Cultural differences in the Japanese classroom
Not only can you improve your ability to understand and teach Japanese students with the few tips below, you can also give them cultural pointers on how to deal with foreign people

More criteria for a good cultural training lesson
A good EFL lesson with a cross-cultural training element

Criteria for a good cultural training lesson
Students tend to love talking about cultural differences, traditional festivals, travel information etc. in class, and textbooks are increasingly expanding from a focus on Britain and/ or the USA to include voices

More important cultural differences in the classroom
From hospitality to modesty, tips on understanding cultural traits

Important cultural differences in the classroom
Having some knowledge of how cultures vary from each other can at least give teachers a starting point in knowing how to approach students and classes

Japanese English
Implications of unique English forms found in Japan for teaching

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