What Salary Will You Earn Teaching English in Vietnam?

By Geddy Gee
Teaching English in Vietnam salary guide – types of jobs, schools, and factors that affect teachers salaries

For the past 3 years, the world took an unexpected toll when borders were shut and nationwide lockdowns were brought in. This meant people had to stay home and many businesses had to shut down. This included schools and language centers, making living in Vietnam a challenge for many teachers. Some were able to convert to online teaching while others had to go home. Many also decided to give up their jobs so they could be with their families as no one knew what was coming with the pandemic. Many people assumed that it would be a few months and all would be back to normal. The pandemic ended up lasting more than 3 years and only now is the world starting to fully open up! 

Now all those teachers that went home are ready to get back to teaching English in Vietnam. Teaching English in a big city like Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi will offer more opportunities when it comes to the sheer amount of openings as well as salaries. What you also need to consider is that the cost of living is higher here than in a smaller city like Da Lat for example. So even though you might earn less, it is much cheaper to live there, and there are also fewer distractions to spend money on. This means you can save more money which you can either put away for future endeavors or even use for traveling around Vietnam during your holidays. Another thing that could affect your salary as an English teacher is the type of school you work at, so let’s look at the options you will have in Vietnam.

Teaching at a Private Language Centre: $1100 – $1800 per month

Private language centers such as ILA and Apollo are probably the best places to work in Vietnam if you want to earn good money, as it’s the most flexible. You generally get paid by the hour so you can take on more classes if you wish to earn more. And some teachers prefer more free time and less pay, and that’s possible too.

The problem is that sometimes classes get canceled and work hours are generally in the afternoon, evenings, and weekends. If you prefer a regular work schedule this is not for you, but many teachers say they like this as they can sleep in later and then get to work in the afternoons. The benefits such as medical insurance and paid holidays will depend on the school and the length of your contract.

Teaching at a Public School:  $1300 – $1900 per month

Public school teaching jobs are plentiful and also really stable. That’s one of the main reasons teachers choose these jobs. The salary you earn here will vary based on the school and the school’s location but is relatively high compared to the living costs in Vietnam.

Working in a public school in Vietnam is a very routine job, in a good way. You will get your weekly schedule and every week will be pretty much the same. Work days will generally be from 8 am to 4 or 5 pm. This makes your life really easy and minimizes any stress. You will also get benefits such as paid holidays and medical insurance by working at public schools.

Teaching at a University: $1800 – $2200 per month

Working at a university in Vietnam is another great option. There aren’t many openings, but they do pay really good salaries to English teachers who are well qualified and have a good experience. The best thing about working at a university in Vietnam is the prestige. You will be well respected at work as well as by the local community. Education is highly regarded in Vietnam, and a university is the highest level of that.

Teaching at an International School: $1800 – $2400 per month

These are the highest-paying teaching jobs in Vietnam. International schools are costly for locals and aim mostly to house children of wealthy ex-pats living in Vietnam. However, some of the wealthy locals also send their kids here in hopes of a better education for them. 

International schools are usually from America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, China, and Singapore. They will follow the curriculum of that country, without actually being there. This gives students an opportunity to easily take up higher education at universities in those countries. Because the salaries here are quite high, you can imagine the standard at these schools is quite high as well. So to work here teachers usually need to have studied to become a teacher and take the teacher certification in their home country.

How to get offered a high salary as an English teacher in Vietnam?

Now when you look at job posts for English teaching jobs in Vietnam, you will see that many of them have a salary range. From a minimum to the maximum salary. That means that they will offer you an amount within that range depending on your application.

So the amount you get offered depends on factors such as whether you are a native English speaker and which country you are from. Schools do have a preference for the North American or British accent so that in itself is an advantage.

How you present yourself is also important. Do you dress neatly, is your hair neat, and do you look friendly and energetic? Remember you will be working with kids and a school is a very professional place. Seeing a teacher that looks unprofessional is not a good impression for the school.

Then they will consider your qualifications and experience. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement in Vietnam, but the subject doesn’t matter. You will get extra points however if the degree is in Education, English language, or Linguistics. Experience is not required for landing a job, but if they see that you have taught English before, especially in Vietnam and at a prestigious school or language center, you will be highly regarded.

As a bonus, there is also one more thing you can do to bump up your earnings into the higher end of the salary range, and that is to take a TEFL course. If you take a TEFL course in Vietnam such as AVSE Tesol or International TEFL Academy, schools will see that you are certified and you take teaching seriously. Just from looking at a few reviews, it’s easy to see how teachers have benefited from taking these courses. It’s important to note that taking an online TEFL course will not have the same benefit as taking one in Vietnam since taking one here will teach you many country-specific skills to help you thrive as a teacher.

So before you send through your CV, do your best to consider which of the above points you can tick off and highlight them so that the school’s recruitment office will be able to see it right away. That way your CV will stand out and you will be earning a great salary in no time!

Written by Geddy Gee for Teflnet October 2022
Ex-teacher, traveler, and writer at Teast
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    Thank you for the information. Especially thank you for the unvaccinated traveler part.

    Will they take you as teacher even though you are not vaccinated? How do I go about applying for a English teaching job? I am already 62 years of age. Have a degree in Public Relations and did the TEFL course on line. Will I be able to work there?

    What possibilities is there to obtain a teaching job in a nursing school? Is there any nursing jobs in hospital theatre’s available?

    What is a trustworthy agency to work through or how do I find the best vacancies?

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