10 Reasons to Love Teaching English in Taiwan

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Things have been quiet regarding teaching English in Taiwan for the past 3 years. Taiwan has had some of the strictest covid rules regarding entry into the country during the covid pandemic. But things are about to change, with Taiwan finally opening up the border to foreign travelers! Schools in Taiwan have been increasing salaries in hopes of attracting teachers already in the country due to the shortage of local talent. This has made it a great time to be one of the teachers who spent the covid pandemic in Taiwan. 

Besides the closed borders, Taiwan is currently in a strange political situation with mainland China. If you watch the news, you will see things like china demonstrating ai strikes and sending warships around Taiwan to show their authority. In short, China claims Taiwan should be part of their country and Taiwan wants to be independent. Luckily for Taiwan, the rest of the world also agrees with them so with all that support, teachers don’t need to fear living in Taiwan. It’s an incredibly safe place to live and work as an English teacher.

With China still closed off to the world, teachers have been turning to places like South Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand, but with Taiwan opening up now, there is a new, very attractive option to consider. People who have never been to Taiwan don’t know that it’s such a good place to live in terms of quality of life. It’s a first-world, developed country, but the cost of living is still at the same level as Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam. Also, by securing a teaching job in Taiwan right now, you will be able to land yourself a high-paying job with great benefits. These salaries are much higher than usual and won’t last forever. Once teachers get back to Taiwan, schools will have options again and won’t have to raise their pay rates to attract teachers. Besides this, there are several reasons why you will love teaching English in Taiwan. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Taiwanese people are friendly and welcoming to foreign teachers

Every foreigner who has traveled around Asia or lived in a few Asian countries will tell you that Taiwan is the place with the friendliest people. Something about the laid-back culture and low-stress environment in Taiwan brings about a beautiful calmness in people. In some countries such as South Korea and Japan, English teachers have spoken about being disrespected for being a foreign teacher. This is something you should ignore as it’s just from a small group of people who don’t understand why some people wouldn’t work corporate jobs. English teachers often earn salaries higher than locals who work much longer hours and this can upset them. In Taiwan, however, English language and foreign teachers are well respected by parents, students, and the local community in general. In fact, Taiwan has pledged to make English a national language in the next decade!

Low cost of living and good teaching salaries

When people think of countries with a low cost of living, they usually think of Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Southeast Asian countries attract people from all around the world because of their beautiful nature and affordable lifestyle. Teaching jobs in Thailand offer salaries much lower than in Taiwan, but teachers opt for Thailand because of the lifestyle. But many of these teachers have never visited Taiwan or heard much about it. It’s a small island so it doesn’t get as much international media attention like China, South Korea, and Thailand does. The cost of living in Taiwan is similar to Thailand actually, sure you could say it’s slightly higher, but not by much. For that slightly higher cost, you are getting a well-developed country with amazing infrastructure and public transport. In Taiwan, teaching jobs pay much more than in Thailand, so teachers can enjoy a comfortable life whether they live in Taipei, or in the beautiful countryside. 

Taiwanese students are some of the most disciplined in Asia

The friendliness of Taiwanese people goes much further than just walking past someone on the street and having a friendly conversation. Taiwanese students are very respectful of teachers and really easy to work with. By being an elder and a teacher, the students look up to you as a leader. Of course, there will always be a naughty student here and there, but it will never be disrespectful. It’s been reported by teachers working jobs in Vietnam and China for example, that disciplining their students makes their days extremely stressful as it can get out of control. When your students are being disruptive in the classroom, it not only affects their education, but also the other students who want to learn. So, by teaching in Taiwan, you can eliminate this major stress from your life and focus on making your lessons as engaging and educational as possible. Besides, you will also have a Taiwanese assistant teacher with you in all your classes to help you manage your students when needed.

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Written by Editor for TEFL.NET September 2022


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