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7 Marketing Tips for Tutors

By Altiné Moumouni
Once you establish yourself as a good tutor, you will need to find ways to market yourself as a tutor. Here are my 7 top marketing tips for tutors.

Tutoring is one the most rewarding experiences for both the tutor and the tutee. I wrote a detailed article on becoming a successful tutor; check it out. It is a great experience to provide one-on-one support and help your students grow academically. 

Once you establish yourself as a good tutor, you will need to find ways to market yourself as a tutor.

Here are my 7 top marketing tips for tutors.

1 Create a profile on tutoring websites

Start by creating an online profile on LinkedIn and your preferred tutoring websites. The first thing parents generally do is quickly web-search you. You stand out and establish yourself as a professional and reliable tutor with a good online profile. 

Also, most parents and students search online to find tutors; having an online presence will help you get students.

Once you create your profile, ensure you get some good reviews and testimony under your profile. This will give you social proof. 

Here are a few tutoring websites to get you started: 

2 Distribute and put flyers around schools

Putting flyers around schools is one of the oldest marketing techniques, and it is also very effective in getting your first clients. 

Write your qualifications and rate on your flyers. Ensure your flyers also include how you want parents or students to contact you. 

Additionally, you can advertise in classified, your local papers, and on bulletin boards on the nearby college campuses and community centers. 

You can also ask friends and family for help and post on social media networking websites. 

3 Join social media online parent groups or communities

Social media networking sites like Facebook are excellent for marketing yourself and attracting new clients. With social media, I suggest you focus on sharing helpful content, answering questions, and providing tips on helping kids to succeed in school.

In the long run, you will gain authority and trust on these platforms, and notice that parents will start approaching you for help or tutoring their kids. 

Focus on motivating your students and helping them build better habits for success. Most students just need to develop some organizational skills. 

Teach your students how to learn. For example, I generally focus on teaching my students how to read their textbooks when teaching math.

4 Use word of mouth

I suggest you focus on word of mouth as it is the most effective and cheapest way to attract new students. Tell all your existing clients to tell their friends about your service.

If you want to attract high school students’ parents, focus on helping one or two high school students, they will brag about their kids’ improvement to their friends. 

Generally, when kids see improvements, they will share their results with their friends and tell them how great they are. Kids are usually grateful to good tutors.

If you offer excellent tutoring services and help your students improve, they are more likely to keep you as a tutor throughout the year or even the entire level.

You can also offer free demo or trial classes, a sample, a free hour, or even a refund for new students. 

5 Create your own website

You don’t need a fancy website to get started; just build a working WordPress website, including all your information on how you want people to contact you.

If you are tutoring young children, the parents will do more searches on you and would probably like a website to check you out. 

It will also be helpful to share valuable information related to tutoring or the subject you teach. Remember, people will google you whenever they see your flyers or other ads. 

When people search you and find a professional website, it will increase your chance of getting and charging a higher rate. 

Here is some information you can include on your website: 

  • History of performance
  • Testimonials
  • Credentials or qualifications
  • Relevant experience 

6 Use YouTube or a video-sharing site to share free content

You can start a YouTube channel where you discuss topics related to tutoring. For example, if you tutor math, you can make videos solving math problems and answer students’ most frequently-asked questions. 

Using YouTube or a video-sharing site to share free content is one of the best ways to set yourself as a tutor, particularly if you are considering tutoring as a long-term business.

7 Treat it like a business: provide excellent customer service

If you are giving an in-person class, be professional, clean, and ensure you don’t smell of cigarettes.

Make sure you have a condition that you still get paid if you schedule a tutoring session and the student doesn’t show up. 

You can even sign a contract with students’ parents to avoid issues. It is crucial that you set the right expectations for student improvements.

Written by Altiné Moumouni for Tefl.NET June 2022
Altiné is from Toronto, Canada, and currently teaches mathematics at a high school in Guangzhou, China. He has a master's degree in International Economics and Finance from Ryerson University in Canada and is passionate about helping people worldwide through his blogs. He writes about TEFL Teaching and Health and Fitness. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, running, traveling, and anything that allows him to experience the beauty of nature. You can find him at
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