9: Farewell to the City of Angels

Although I have only been in Bangkok for five weeks, I have grown quite accustomed to the life and daily routine of the EFL teacher at King’s. The teaching has been fun, but I have only had one regular class every week, the rest of my time has been spent covering for other teachers’ holidays etc. Being a cover teacher meant that I could regularly use games that I knew would work well and be fun, safe in the knowledge that it would be a ‘new’ activity for that particular class. However, not knowing names of the class and/or personalities of the children not only makes planning difficult, but I think lessons are less enjoyable.

And so it is with mixed emotions that I bid farewell to Bangkok. I really enjoyed the social side of things, such as the teachers meeting up for a meal at a street-side restaurant and the weekend trips to the nearest Island. As far as the teaching is concerned, it was good to have experienced individuals to turn to with various (and numerous) EFL queries. I certainly won’t miss the pollution though; getting a bad throat just walking to work isn’t much fun! I am looking forward to working in a traditional Thai school. While Bangkok is great fun, I feel the city doesn’t really provide a taste of the true Thai culture, and this is after-all the reason I chose teaching in Thailand to begin with! LopBuri on the other hand, we will be immersed in Thai culture. I will be there only a matter of weeks before the first Thai festival takes place, for which I am expected to attend dressed in full Thai costume, that’s if they have one in Western sizes!!

I am getting a bit nervous about living in LopBuri, when I mention that I’m moving there to Thai people, they just seem to chuckle and say “ooh, many monkeys, many monkeys!” Are the local monkey residents really the only thing LopBuri is renowned for? This remains to be seen. I have packed my suitcase (again!!) and am ready for the off, my stay in Bangkok has been short and sweet and I only hope my five weeks teaching experience is enough to set in motion a pioneering English programme at a long-established Thai junior school!

P.s I must remember to ask Boots whether they sell monkey repellent!!

Last day at King's
Above, my last day at King’s college (SCB branch) for six months, compared with Jindaratana junior school in LopBuri below. The classes will be much bigger at Jindaratana but hopefully the children will be more willing to take part and eager to learn!!
Jindaratana Junior School in Lopburi


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