Sharing The Results Of Your Survey

It's up to you which results you choose to present. Depending on the size and scope of your survey, you may not be able to share all of the results. Some results may not be of interest to your audience. Do your best not to introduce a bias by only showing positive results or results that you expected.

Presentation of Results

Write a short description of your survey. Keep in mind that some people who are reviewing the results may not have participated in the survey. Include the title of the survey, as well as some brief information about where and when it was distributed and how many surveys were collected.

Share all of the results
Some online survey sites provide you with graphical visuals that you can share. If you don't have a lot of questions, you can share all of the results. Make sure that you do not include any sensitive or private data.

Share a summary of the results
You may also be able to choose a "summary" option if you are using a survey program or online tool. The system will automatically create a summary of the results that you can share. This is a good option if you think your audience will be more interested in browsing some quick points rather than using your results for their own research.

Chart individual responses
Choose the most interesting or relevant questions and share the results from these questions. Use a visual representation, such as a pie chart or bar graph to present the most interesting or relavent results.

Highlight important comparisons
Are there any interesting or surprising comparisons that you can share based on the survey results? If you choose to include demographic information, be sure that the identity of your survey respondents is kept confidential.

Write a short concluding statement about the survey. Go back to the summary that you wrote after you analysed the data. At this time you may also want to thank the respondents once again for taking part in the survey. You could also leave room for comments. Provide contact information if you are interested in collecting more data related to the topic of your survey.

How to Share Results with your Audience

There are a variety of ways you can share your survey results:

  • by email
  • in a newsletter
  • on a special page on your website
  • via your social media networks
  • on your blog
  • verbally in a presentation or meeting

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