Getting Organised

Choose a method for note taking
If you're taking notes on your computer, use the same title as the survey so that your document is easy to find. You may need a text document and a spreadsheet if you're planning on taking detailed notes.

Count and note the number of surveys that were collected
If you only received a small handful of surveys, you may not receive enough data to meet your objective. You may need to redistribute your survey at another time. Think about alternative methods that will allow you to reach a larger group of people. If you think you received enough completed surveys, include this number in your description when you share the results.

Give each survey a unique identifier number
Numbering the surveys will make it easier on you when you are analysing and comparing the data. Online survey sites may do this for you automatically.

Discard invalid data
Some respondents will undoubtedly skip questions or fill the survey out incorrectly. The responses may also be illegible. You may still be able to use some of the data from these surveys. Here are some reasons to discard data:

  • More than one answer was checked when only one response was requested
  • A question is missed or skipped
  • A page is missed or skipped
  • A circle covers two responses (treat as unanswered)

Prioritize the data 
Review all of the questions again, and highlight the following:

  • Which responses are most important to you?
  • Which responses are most important to your participants/audience?

Analysing Data