Analysing The Data

Review the data with your objective in mind
Did you meet your objective? Do you need to do further research to meet your objective?

Take notes
Review each survey individually. Write a note for yourself about any of the responses that were surprising, interesting, useful, controversial, etc. Start thinking about that data that will be interesting or useful for your participants, customers, or audience. Review the surveys again after you've read each one individually. Summarize the results in your own words.

Get a second opinion
You may want to invite a neutral observer to review the results and provide an objective analysis. Those with an understanding of statistics may decide to organise the data in spreadsheets for a detailed analysis.

Create data filters
Filtering allows you to look at data in subsets. You can analyse responses for certain groups, or review overall results next to filtered results. If you used an online survey site, this can usually be done quite easily.

Plan a course of action
Do you need to take any immediate action? What changes could be made over time? Plan a course of action, if you want to make some changes based on the results of your survey.

Sharing Results