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Teacher Training FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about training to teach English

Basic TEFL Qualifications

For those interested in starting a teaching career in TEFL, this page gives a useful overview of the most usual TEFL training qualifications required and the TEFL courses available to achieve them.

TEFL Course Database

Searchable database of different kinds of TEFL/TESL/TESOL courses worldwide. Includes Certificate courses, Diploma courses and weekend courses, onsite and online.

Liz Regan Liz Regan's 20 Teaching Tips

These tips will be of general help to new ESL teachers or others who simply wish to brush up on their technique.


What's the difference between English as a Foreign Language and English as a Second Language?

TEFL Quizzes for Teachers

Have some fun and brush up on your teaching theory with these multiple-choice quizzes for teachers.

Mirroring - the Unfair Advantage
Using body language to make your language classes go more smoothly.

Teacher Talking Time
Why the last thing your students need is your TTT.

Silence is Golden
Have you ever seen a TV interview where the interviewer asks a question, lets the interviewee answer, and then says nothing?

Dressed to Spill
How what you wear can help or hinder your students.

Tips for designing effective surveys, writing the questionnaire, analysing data and sharing the results.

TEFL Course Database
A database of TEFL course providers worldwide, both on-site and distance

Teacher Training Forum
Discussion about teacher training issuesTalkin' Proper - Online Diary of a First-Time ESL Teacher

Talkin' Proper ~ A TEFL Diary - a year in Dan's life from TEFL course training in England to EFL teaching in Thailand

ELT Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms - some of the terms used in English Language Teaching

Free weekly tips for teachers delivered by email.

Teacher Training Articles

TEFL Glossary
A comprehensive list of terms used in teaching English as a foreign or second language

TEFL Help Desk
When students have a question about a grammar point they come to you. But where do you go when you have a question about teaching? Now you can go to the TEFL Help Desk, a service from TEFL.net just for ESL teachers.