English Teaching professional

Title: English Teaching professional
Publisher: Modern English Publishing Ltd, London
Consists of: Magazine
Reviewed by: Agata Wasielewska
Review date: January 2005

English Teaching professional is an international magazine for those who are actively involved in the ELT profession. It is both for teachers and teacher trainers. The articles are written by some well-known writers as well as by ordinary teachers from different countries. ETp is a perfect magazine for those who like sharing their knowledge and experience with others and for those who like incorporating others' ideas into their own teaching.

Every issue includes regular sections such as:

  • Main Feature
  • Articles
  • Business English Professional
  • Teaching Young Learners
  • Teacher Development
  • ICT
  • Regular Features (including book reviews, competitions, fresh ideas, jokes, etc.)

In every issue you can find articles which focus on reviews of recent EFL theory, as well as lots of practical hints e.g. how to teach different language aspects, how to deal with some undesirable behaviour which appears in L2 classrooms, advice on how to improve your teaching, how to use computers more effectively and lots more.

As far as layout and design are concerned, the magazine is nicely organized, easy to follow and colourful which make it pleasant to browse through.

It is worth mentioning that the magazine is supported by a web page: www.etprofessional.com. It offers additional materials such as lesson plans, suggestions and tips. There are downloadable articles from previous issues of the magazine, and there are also useful links to different ELT sites on the web.

There are only two negative aspects of the magazine I would like to mention here. Firstly, the magazine is published only four times a year (in January, April, July, October), which means that after you finish reading one issue you have to wait for quite a long time until another issue reaches you. Secondly, the magazine is not easy to buy (at least in my country). I could not get it in an ELT bookshop. It was also impossible to borrow it from the university library as there is only one current copy. The only solution is to subscribe which is easy, however quite expensive for a Polish teacher.

To sum up, I would like to recommend reading the magazine to everybody who likes teaching and is always ready to introduce some new ideas into his or her teaching situation. This magazine is full of such useful and easy-to-adopt ideas.

Agata WasielewskaTEFL.net ESL Reviews & ArticlesAgata Wasielewska. Upper-secondary education teacher from Poland. agata@interpress.pl