Pot Luck TEFL Quiz 2

1 Which of these activities is communicative, not controlled practice?
2 In skim reading students read a text
3 A non-authentic text is a text that
4 How would you explain these exchanges to your students?
1. A: Pass us the salt. B: Here you go.
2. A: Could you please pass me the salt. B: Here you are.
5 In language learning, what does ESP refer to?
6 Accent on certain words within a sentence is referred to as
7 Which skills are receptive?
8 A teaching methodology in which students are given an activity to complete and allowed to use any English they know is called
9 Which word is stressed in the following sentence when using non-contrastive sentence stress? I can swim.
10 Comment on the use of -ing in this sentence:
We went out for a meal and he insisted on paying.