Pot Luck TEFL Quiz 1

1 An English word that has a similar form but different meaning in the student’s mother tongue is known as a .
2 In class, the aggregate period during which learners have an opportunity to speak is known as .
3 An exercise in which students listen to a recording to get the overall meaning of the passage is known as .
4 Which tense best describes something that happened in the past and still has impact today?
5 Name the verb forms in this sentence: They had been playing tennis for 4 hours when it got too dark to continue.
6 Which of the following is the preposition in typically used with?
7 He is a doctor.
8 Comment on this question tag:
So you want to be a rock star, do you?
9 has its normal primary stress on the third syllable.
10 Name the vowel sound on the last syllable of the word teacher: