Teaching Writing Quiz

1 Hyphens should be inserted only .
2 Writing is a .
3 Which of the following would you likely not encourage your students to use?
4 Which sentence requires a semi-colon or period rather than a comma?
5 Which of the following would be most suitable for an interactive writing activity?
6 Using information that you have heard or read, and rewriting it in your own words and form is called .
7 On a standardized exam, students may have to write a response based on a reading or listening passage. This section of a test is called writing.
8 Expressions that connect two or more elements in a piece of writing, such as "On the other hand" or "In addition", are known as phrases.
9 The approach is a method for teaching writing in which learners are given a model and then asked to create something similar.
10 Is the following sentence correctly punctuated?
She has read “War and Peace.”