Teaching Speaking Quiz

1 Which of the following refers to a casual form of conversation that breaks the ice or fills silence between people?
2 Which step does not belong in the pre-communicative stage of a speaking lesson?

3 "Wait time" refers to:
4 What type of speaking activity is this?
Student A: You are boarding a bus. Ask the driver if it will take you to your hotel. Student B: You stop to pick up a business traveler. Help the traveler find the right route.
5 Which role is the teacher playing here?
The teacher listens to the students having a group discussion, and takes notes of sample language to go over later.
6 When setting up group discussions in the classroom it is a good idea to .
7 refers to the degree to which another person can understand someone's spoken language.
8 Which of the following is an important part of spoken language that should be covered in speaking lessons?
9 Choose the correct word that matches the following definition:
a specific language goal or aim presented in a lesson
10 Maximizing STT is the same as .