TEFL Methods and Approaches Quiz

Choose the TEFL method or approach that most closely matches the example provided.

1 First, the teacher presents the present perfect. Next, the students try using it in structured exercises. Finally, the students try to have a conversation together using the present perfect.
2 Students learn English by translating to and from their native language. They memorize irregular verb forms by writing them down over and over. Speaking skills are not a main focus.
3 Students listen to a dialogue between a taxi driver and passenger. They fill in gaps and then practise a dialogue with a partner. Tomorrow they will go outside and practise asking for directions.
4 The teacher only uses English, but the students can use English or their first language. The teacher does not correct mistakes when his students speak English. Students can start speaking English when they are ready.
5 The students learn patterns of language by repeating model sentences that the teacher provides. They memorize set phrases and receive positive reinforcement from their teacher when they perform drills correctly.
6 ESL students at the school take all subjects in English. They take part in class and school activities with native English students their own age.
7 First, students learn how to say words properly. Next, they learn to read and write. They use colour charts and rods to help with the pronunciation of sounds. Teacher talking time is minimal.
8 The teacher says commands and acts them out. The students try to perform the action. The teacher repeats by saying the command without acting it out. The students respond. The roles are then reversed.
9 First the teacher finds a way for the students to engage with a subject emotionally. Then students focus on studying the construction of the target language. Then learners activate what they learned through engaging activities.
10 The teacher introduces grammatical structures and rules by showing a video. The students practise the grammar in context. The teacher gives lots of meaningful examples to demonstrate the grammar.