TEFL Glossary Quiz

Choose the word that most closely matches the definition.

1 : where learners of different backgrounds (or levels) identify themselves as one group
2 : strategies and methods for getting learners to respond or guess
3 : words that look similar to words in another language, but have a different meaning
4 : all of the words and word forms in a language with meaning or function
5 : objects from the outside world that learners can use to make the classroom feel more like an authentic, real-life setting
6 : a stage during the initial phase of language acquisition during which a learner doesn't try to speak
7 : an outline of the subjects in a course or program
8 : the act of learners practising what they've learned
9 : an approach in which language learners are placed in a class with native speakers in the hope that they will learn as much as possible
10 : consonant sound formed using both lips