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Welcome to's dedicated links pages for teachers of English as a foreign language.

Blogging (19)
About blogs or weblogs for English learners and teachers

Business English (14)
Resources for teaching and studying Business English

Chat (5)
Chat rooms and resources for ESL learners and teachers

Education (31)
Educational matters, with special reference to English language learning

ESL Games (25)
Online and offline games for learning or teaching English

ESL Lesson Plans (26)
Lesson plans for teaching English as a second language

ESL Quizzes (16)
Quizzes and tests for learners of English

ESL Web Sites (43)
Websites dedicated to English as a Second of Foreign Language

ESL Worksheets (7)
Worksheets for learning English

ESP (5)
English for Special Purposes

Examinations (37)
Exams and tests for English learners

Forums (6)
Discussion boards for learners and teachers of English

Grammar (62)
Pages about English grammar for ESL/EFL learners

Internet (11)
Sites and pages about Internet with reference to ESL

Listening (31)
English listening, the first language skill

Meeting Other Teachers (2)
Online and offline occasions for teachers to get together

NNEST Resources (6)
For and about non-native English-speaking teachers

Pronunciation (19)
English pronunciation for ESL learners and teachers

Reading (52)
English reading, the third language skill

Software (26)
Software and programs for the learning or teaching of English

Speaking (23)
English speaking, the second language skill

Teacher Training (45)
About training to become a teacher of EFL/ESL

Teaching English (24) new
Sites and pages specifically for teachers of English

Teaching Resources (79)
ESL resources and products for teachers of English

TEFL Articles (27)
Articles and essays of interest to EFL teachers

TEFL Jobs (54)
Jobs for teachers of English world-wide

Travel (62)
Travel and insurance for EFL teachers

Vocabulary (56)
English vocabulary for ESL learners

Worksheet Generators (3)
Sites where you can make your own worksheets online

Writing (49)
English writing, the fourth language skill

Young Learners (15)
Resources for teaching English to Young Learners

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