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English writing, the fourth language skill



Advice for Writing in English

Suggestions for learning to write with samples compositions

Weekly business writing tips. Learn to get to the point, proofread and edit your writing, improve your proposals and business correspondence.

CV Example

CV-Resume: free sample templates and resume writing examples

Easy English Articles: Be Corrected by a Native Speaker

Learn from other learner's mistakes. Here students write the articles and I publish them with my corrections and suggestions. The best way to learn is to produce the language!

English Spelling Rules

English spelling often appears to be totally illogical. The following rules can help you to decode the mysteries of English spelling.

English Writing

The skill of writing English for EFL/ESL students.

Essay Ideas

List of persuasive essay topics, compare contrast essay topics, argumentative essay topics and many other essay ideas for college writing assignments and tests! Feel free to choose your essay topic from the great variety of sections on our website.

Essay Writing Center

Offers tips and hints on writing. Explains the whole writing process in a understandable way.

With over 100 free sample college and graduate school application essays and pages and pages of essay writing tips, EssayEdge is the Net's largest resource for admissions essay consulting and editing.

Takes users through the actual steps of writing a basic essay online!

Font Styles

The English alphabet in different font styles or typefaces.

Free E-Cards Online

A collection of free e-cards for all occasions. Birthday cards, Christmas cards, romantic love cards, funny cards...

How to improve your writing in 5 minutes

You can improve your English writing immediately by spelling words correctly and using correct punctuation.

Need help writing that letter?

Offers a selection of prewritten customizable letters for all occasions: business, career, love...

Takes users through the actual steps of writing a paragraph online!

Parapal writing exercises

Interactive writing exercises to help students with essays, letters and grammar.

Punctuation for English

Punctuation is the system of symbols (. , ! - : etc) that we use to separate sentences and parts of sentences, and to make their meaning clear. Each symbol is called a "punctuation mark"...

Resume Templates

Offers resume and cover letter templates to download, writing tips and an interview guide.

resume writing

Write great resumes - resume services, samples and examples.

Sample Compositions

Actual ESL students' compositions with specific corrections, general writing tips, and model compositions.

Spelling it Right

Spelling advice, help and free online worksheets from an experienced English teacher.

Spelling made fun by Spellarama

Cool letter card game you can print off for free...Works with sounds

Why Are CAPS difficult?

Explains why it's more difficult to read text in capital letters than in small letters.

Write Better Poetry

Read poetry writing tips and learn how to write poetry better.