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Advice and Practice for Travellers

Useful expressions and advice for travellers. Culture topics too!

All Trabzon Loves

Funny, cultural, Green, sea side and fantastic

English Christmas

All you need to know about Christmas season in countries of English speaking : traditions, customs, rituals, carols, food and drink.

Seamania, Writings

Articles, Stories and tall Tales of the sea, ships and cultural diversity. Written and dreamt up by Author Ieuan Dolby on his non-stop global tour.

UK Student Life: British culture

An illustrated guide to British culture: history, food, music, films etc

VICTORIAN BAZAAR - Recapture the romance...

A harmonious balance between the modern day and century-old country Victoriana charm. Victorian Bazaar offers what online researchers and shoppers are looking for. Exquisite historical photographs, sounds of yesteryear & furnishings for your home or as gifts! We invite you to join our gracious mix of 19th Century information.