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ESL resources and products for teachers of English


Brain Friendly Publications

Online store selling Brain Friendly Products for teaching English as a foreign language. We help teachers to teach and students to learn.

Cain and Abel

Pairwork: write an emotional dialog between two people.

Cambridge English Teacher

Cambridge English Teacher is the professional membership that supports your career, from Cambridge University

Wide variety of English lessons online.

Chinese Tools

Everything about modern and traditional China, travel, study, Chinese learning material, tools and resources, forum and language exchange club.

Comics English

ComicsEnglish provides and explains English comic strips for EFL/ESL learners and teachers. Keep having fun reading comics while learning English.

Drama in the ESL Classroom

This site is designed as a resource for ESL/EFL teachers who are interested in learning how to incorporate dramatic techniques into their lessons.

EFL Theatre Club

Efl plays, speaking activities, phrasal verb stories and tips on bringing theatre into the efl classroom.

Downloadable, printable and copiable worksheets for classroom and self-access use.


Lesson ideas and tips for developing teachers

English & Fun

Resources for teachers of English. Forum. Classifieds. Materials. Interviews and opinions...

English Worksheets

Download,View or Print English Grammar and Vocabulary Worksheets.


Englishzone is a free portal of resources for the teaching and learning of English. These resources include: animated songs, stories, games and authentic materials. We are still developing the site. Enjoy and let us know what you think. All constructive criticisms welcome!

ESL - Free Material For Teachers

Collaboration blog created for teachers and by teachers.

ESL Activites

ESL activities, games, curriculum, teachers newsletter, forum.

ESL etc.

Podcast and other global issues oriented ESL /EFL materials.

ESL Handwriting Worksheet Wizard

Instantly create writing practice worksheets for kids - Free!

ESL Kids Lab

Free teaching materials for ESL, EFL kids, Printable ESL worksheets,

ESL Lounge

Free ESL Lesson Materials for TEFL and TESOL teachers. Grammar, reading comprehension, worksheets, song lyrics, board games, pronunciation, flashcards, surveys, role plays and more. Many levels. All free and printable.

ESL Printables

This is a website where English Language teachers exchange resources

ESL Teachers Resources

Making large-class TESOL and ESL English teaching games & resources available to overseas FTs.

ESL Teachers Resources

Downloadable large-class TESOL and ESL pairing and cocktail party games/resources.

ESL Teaching Resources

Site with hundreds of ESL teaching resources (worksheets, ppt games, posters, board games and links to ESL songs)

ESL Through Music

Song lyric websites abound, yet this ESL music website is different. Created and developed by a researcher and expert on the topic, this website provides teachers with the direction they need to use music in the most effective way in the ESL classroom. According to the research, music is capable of accelerating language acquisition, but only if certain principles are used. The website contains pedagogically-sound lesson plans written by one who understands the intricacies of using music for second language purposes, and knows how to tap this valuable resource. Teachers can download lessons as well as research study findings and other articles that support its use in the ESL classroom. The new bookstore spotlights a book of ESL music lesson activities and CD that teachers can use to help their students master English irregular verbs through music. It is the place to come if teacher's want to know exactly how to use music to accelerate the language acquisition process.

ESL Worksheets

ESL Worksheets ESL Printables Flashcards Exercises PPT Powerpoints.

A large selection of free downloadable English grammar and vocabulary worksheets for ESL teachers.


ESL materials for young learners


Ideas for ELT teachers


Free resources for ESL/EFL teachers.

Free ESL/EFL activities, lessons, worksheets, games and ideas for teachers is a website where EFL/ESL teachers can view and download relevant teaching materials. This website is aimed at helping teachers. We believe in sharing ESL/EFL teaching activities, worksheets, lessons, games and ideas for free and without any hassle.

Free materials for teachers, learners and translators

Free materials referring to articles from the world press, mainly vocabulary practice, definitions, English - Polish translations; business English, financial English, legal English, economic English and military English.

Free Printable Worksheets is an excellent resource for English teachers - it contains free printable worksheets created by our members, 'ESL Essentials' articles on how to teach English grammar and vocabulary, as well as daily warmers/fillers/ice-breakers.

Funny English

Here is a collection of strange signs that you may enjoy sharing with your students—with appropriate explanations! | TEFL/ESL supplementary materials

Handouthub is a TEFL/ESL resource site, where users can download over 1000 supplementary classroom handouts. Browse materials by course book, grammar, vocabulary, level and more.


Profesor@s vasc@s en la Red...Euskal Irakasleok Sarean

Hwa Kang Journal of TEFL

Taiwan-based online TESOL Journal, published continuously since 1999.

Idea Thinktank

A library of practical ideas for teachers from classroom games and activities to discipline and teacher improvement. Feel free to submit your own ideas.

Information Clearing House

Daily-updated links to current newspaper articles in English.

Kids ESL

Kids ESL is a place to help ALT's teaching in elementary schools in Japan. Designed by an ALT, you'll find many resources to help you succeed in your school.

Kisi's ESL/EFL Galaxy

Free ESL lessons on Powerpoint, kids' activities, flashcards...

Language Lab

Orell Digital Language Lab (ODLL) is a full function system that leverages cutting-edge technology.


Worksheets, crafts, lessonplans, printables, flashcards, games and other free resources for kindergarten, primary/elementary school teachers and ESL learners

linguapress on line

Free online resources for teachers and students of English.


MES-English - ESL flashcards, games, activities, phonics & more

Plan ELT

Free ELT lessons for download.


This website offers free worksheet generators for Wordsearches, Word Jumbles and Minimal Pair Word Trees. Teachers simply input their target language and the website generates quality PDF worksheets that are immediately available for printing or download.

Ready Made Theatre

Songs, sketches, plays and musicals for TEFL.

Resource for English Teaching Info

Helpful information and valuable resources for English teachers.

Review of Foreign Accent

Book by Roy C.Major, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, ISBN 0 8058 3813 9

Review of Taboos and Issues

Book by Richard MacAndrew and Ron Martinez, LTP, ISBN 1 899396 41 1

Review: An A-Z of ELT

An ELT dictionary that is more than just a reference book, Thornbury's An A-Z of ELT is practical, readable and an excellent addition to the collection of any ESL/EFL teacher.

Review: Games for Grammar Practice

Games for Grammar Practice by Maria Lucia Zaorob and Elizabeth Chin. Yet another book of photocopiable games and activities for classroom use at all levels, very useful and complete with user-friendly instructions. It's true that there are now quite a number of these books readily available in the EFL marketplace, but this is still a very useful addition to the EFL resources bookshelf. There is very little duplication of previously published material, and it is laid out in a very easily accessible and easy to use format. Reviewed by Kaithe Greene.

Review: Literature (Resource Books for Teachers)

A book about using literature as a resource for teaching English as a foreign language. The book includes over 50 activities, most of which come with a sample text that can be used in class.

Review: Longman Business English Dictionary

An excellent niche English dictionary for business professionals and MBA students.

Review: Selections by Clare West

This is not a new book, as it was first published in 1994, but when we consider that it includes extracts from literature up to 300 years old that doesn’t seem important. What is different about this book is that it contains unabridged and unsimplified extracts from a wide range of classical texts such as Robinson Crusoe, Great Expectations and Rebecca. Having infrequently, but on a number of occasions, come across students who want to study, or at least read, some classic literature this book seems like a good idea... Reviewed by Kaithe Greene.

Review: Spontaneous Speaking

A collection of drama-based speaking activities to stimulate interaction in the classroom through imaginative language practice; ideal for large group classes.

Review: Teaching Large Multilevel Classes

This is a handbook designed for busy teachers in a large multilevel class context. It contains a number of activities especially created to deal with all the difficulties of such a context, and at the same time to gain most benefit from the advantages. Even though the book is particularly advisable for those teachers approaching large multilevel classes, many activities can be successfully used also in smaller and more homogeneous classes. As one of the principles promoted by the author is open-endedness, most activities are easily adaptable to different class sizes and levels, and they often lead on to follow-ups and add-ons. Reviewed by Michela Gronchi.

Review: The CELTA Course

Very well written and practical "how to" approach to English teaching.

Review: Using the Board in the Language Classroom

Using the Board in the Language Classroom, part of the series Cambridge Handbooks for Language teachers, is directed at helping teachers use the board in a more motivating and effective way. It contains a wide variety of activities for every level. These activities promote students’ learning from one another, cultural knowledge and kinaesthetic learning methods, and give many ways of practising listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. In Using the Board in the Language Classroom Dobbs shares her experience as a teacher with other EFL/ESL colleagues. She says, "Feel free to think of your board as any kind of visual space you want it to be … you may want to think of it the way an artist thinks of a canvas or the way a movie director thinks of a screen..." Reviewed by Carmen-Pilar Serrano-Boyer.

Ring-a-Word Classroom Game

This classic classroom game is guaranteed to wake up the sleepiest class.

Songs To Teach EFL Topics

A list of songs that could be used to teach various EFL topics. There are prepared lesson plans with student worksheets and notes for teachers for some of the suggested songs.

Teacher Bytes - The Internet in English Language Teaching

A resource for English language instructors in the Arabian Gulf Region interested in using the Internet in their teaching.

Teacher's Pet

Turn today's news or any text into an effective classroom exercise

TEFL Global Resources

I research TEFL English learning resources on the internet for TEFL Teachers and Learners; adopting a global perspective to find material that is relevant to all learners around the world. I incorporate materials on a variety of locations and habitats and acknowledge ecological, cultural and human issues.

TEFL Reviews

Regular reviews of books and other resources of interest to English teachers. is the first ever online video resource dedicated to TEFL teachers! Learn hundreds of techniques, games, and activities with our simple and effective how-to videos! You can also watch live broadcasts with TEFL industry professionals and ask questions using our live chat feature!

This Week in History

Events that happened in history, in easy English for ESL students.

TLW Online English Classroom

Flash file curriculum for teachers of young learners with an esl focus

Top English Teaching

Resources for English Language Teachers: games, printables, tales, etc

Truth in Advertising

take a good look at this industry and spoof it

Truth or Dare for English Language Learners

Truth or Dare for English Language Learners is a classroom game designed specifically for adult ESL/EFL learners. Through cooperative -- sometimes competitive -- gameplay students develop conversational fluency as they explore the experiential.

Two Way Radios

Radios for communicating in school. Walkie talkies for teachers.

Using Music in the ESL Classroom

Tips on the value and use of music and song in teaching English

Witch Hazel Magic Resource Website

A website of TEFL resources for teachers and learners of all ages

Yo-Yee Education

At Yo-Yee teachers can find ready-made laminated vocabulary flashcards to teach students English (and Spanish, German, French, Chinese or Thai). Our material is designed for children and younger learners.