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A kangaroo in Russia

Blog about the life and experiences of an English teacher's first trip to Samara, Russia. Stories about teaching, friendship with students, interaction with school, travel, difficulties of living and more.

A Taste of Russian

Welcome to our educational podcasts 'A Taste of Russian'.

BKC-IH English Language School

Teaching English as a second language in Russia. A language school with more than a decade's experience in international employment and teacher job vacancies in Moscow and Russia.

English Club in Moscow

English Club in Moscow - a place to communicate with each other

English for people

Creative English courses in Kiev. Teacher is a graduate of Columbia University, USA. A lot of modern tech. and modest tuition.


ESL online, translation services, corporate, English for Specific Purposes.

Odessa Language Study Centre

Russian and Ukrainian language courses for students and professionals. Operates year-round.