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Added Value, An(other) English Teacher's Website

Homepage of an English teacher in France: Over 800 URLs (mailing lists, newsgroups and websites) Pages about celebrations, cinema, civilisation, grammar, music, pedagogical projects, vocabulary, students' work, lesson plans, webquests, etc. I have designed the web site to provide teachers and students with easy access to information about English teaching and learning. I have also designed the site to provide links to many of the other EFL web sites.

Business Talk France

Language courses, on-line learning, English on-line, tests, exams, grammar. Paris, New York.

English Club France

For learners and teachers of English in France

France FAQs

A collection of resources for travellers planning a visit to France.

FUSAC (France USA Contacts)

Free magazine with many ads, including job ads, of interest to teachers and Anglophones in general.

ILC France

International Language Centres - France

Lingua Institut - le plaisir de s'exprimer

Since the creation of Paris-based Lingua Institut in 1994, our rôle has been to help you develop your full communications potential in your chosen language - whatever your starting level, your profile or your objective.

Scanbrit School of English

Well established, family run English School next to the beach on the South coast of England

Themes and Topics

On this site you can study lessons, do quizzes, grammar, read exam papers, test your English, learn vocabulary, improve your general knowledge, etc.