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English reading, the third language skill


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Short Stories popular

This is where you'll find original short stories for you to practise your reading. Click on a story. You can print it out to read later if you like. The level is shown by the stars!

Ababa speed reading

Ababa Speed Reading makes speed reading comfortable and pleasant.

Author Interviews, Reviews, Contests, Book Clubs and more...

early morning chatty class

Reading is in the focus but easily extended to all four skills

Easy English Articles

A news website for students of English. Updated daily. Interesting, easy articles for students to practice with a vocabulary builder.

ESL Reading

Free EFL/ESL graded reading materials for English language learners. Texts for all tastes & levels accompanied by glossary, activities and notes.

Famous Quotations in English

A "quotation" is usually a short text - perhaps one or two sentences - written or spoken by one (usually famous) person and often repeated or at least known by others.

Free Reading Improvement Course

Comprehensive reading improvement course on the Internet for all English teachers and their students.

The goal of the Reading program is to help adults at all levels become more proficient readers. Utilizing various learning tools featuring videos and games, learners will be able to learn and practice reading the top 1,000 most frequently used words in the English language. Everything is self-paced and self-directed so that learners can choose to focus on the areas that are most important and relevant to learn.

Helping Kids with Math and Reading

Directory of hundreds of original articles, tips and resources.

Lil' Fingers Storybooks

Lil' Fingers storybooks are animated stories for parents to read with their kids. Stories are presented with large text and big buttons for little fingers to click on.

Linguapress Magazines

Informative and informed news and cultural magazines in graded English, for students and teachers, for class and private reading

MindsOrb Reading

Learn to READ English in WEEKS with our software. EZ to use and low cost!

Online Reading For Kids

Our online reading program teaches phonics in a way that makes sense for each child: The exercises are fun-and the curriculum adapts to kids' specific needs, so they learn the basics (and beyond) their own way.

Poolside Interview

Josef Essberger of talks with Brian Boyd, creator of Grammarman, the world's first and only grammar superhero.

Reading Comprehension Connection

Interactive online lessons that help improve studentsí reading comprehension. Gives constructive feedback during the lessons. Provides frequent reports that display areas of strength and weakness.

Reading List

Information for teachers and students

Short Stories

Submit short stories & poems, or read and offer constructive criticism

Test Your Level in Written Comprehension (Reading)

How well do you understand what you read in English?

The Chickens Take a Holiday

Children's story for Young Learners. With grammar/comprehension questions and answers. Level: beginner

The Metro

Short story of love, murder and a little voodoo set in Paris, France. With vocabulary list, vocabulary quiz and comprehension quiz.