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English listening, the first language skill


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Audio from Speak, Read, Write

Free mp3s of idioms, stories, articles, and more.


Listening exercises for advanced English students.

How to Hear English Everywhere

This page will show you why it is important to hear as much English as possible. And how to hear English everywhere in the world.

Learn English

Pronunciation Please - a new short story, poem or joke to listen to every month.

Learn English with Teacher Joe

Listening activities to help students learn English fast.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

English listening practice web site, suitable for any level of English learner.


A site that has recordings of famous poems, speeches, etc that people can listen or practice speaking English to!

Shaggy Dog Stories

Download 10 short, funny stories in mp3 format.

The English Desk

Everyday English podcasts with text from Canada for ESL listening and pronunciation practice.