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English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language, ESL Audio and Video CD, DVD and Tapes

English Behind The Scenes

An innovative movie-based approach to TEFL/TESL.

ESL Galaxy

Interactive audio/video learning materials, listening, quizzes...

Independence Day Questions (ESL/EFL)

Youtube video and listening activity based on Independence Day (USA) for teachers and students.

Learning English Video Project - YouTube

First ever documentary series on the learning of English around the world. 7-part series with subtitles, exercises and classroom materials.

Multimedia English

The 100% free multimedia website to learn and practise authentic English having fun. Videos and songs with transcripts, comments and explanations, jokes, multimedia activities, phonetics, video lessons, beautiful slideshows, chats and more!


services audio/video for congresses and events

Real English OnLine

The widely acclaimed Real English Interactive Video series is now online and is free. Watch, listen to, and learn with hundreds of native speakers from throughout the USA.

The Ghosts

An animation by Anthony Essberger based on Lord Dunsany's short story "The Ghosts". With subtitles.