Language Links

Sites and pages about language in general, including translation



Claritaslux-Language Software

Download a language to your Brain!English, Polish, German, French...

Corporate Latin Mottos

Provides translations and development of corporate Latin mottos.

English grammar

Learn English grammar free. This glossary provides definitions and explanations of English grammar terms. This is excellent for your grammar understanding of terms.

Language Champs language school

Language Champs language school for most languages including English classes.

Language Software Reviews

Reviews and comparison of language learning software on the current market.

Linguist Finder

Tutors, EFL tuition, translations, interpreting

Riviera English School

English Language school by the sea in beautiful Torquay, Devon England.

Successful English learners

Personal experiences of people who learned English successfully. How they did it, what English has given them.

Free slide presentations for teachers and learners of English