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20 Helpful TOEFL Tips

Free advice to help students improve their TOEFL score.

A free TOEFL practice session

Explanation and practice for the TOEFL test - with answers.


Information and advice about the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Canada TOEFL School

Prepare for the TOEFL test in Vancouver, Canada.

Encomium Publications, Inc.

TOEFL Practice Test - 40 grammar/structure questions (Flash).

Free English Tests

Free english tests for Toefl, Gmat, Fce and ESL learners.

TestDEN: Your Online TOEFL Resource

Prepare for the TOEFL on the Internet. Join your personal trainers, Meg and Max, for 60 days and raise your TOEFL score. Your friendly TOEFL trainers will find the test areas you need to improve the most and create a study program just for you!

TOEFL Preparation Online

Online TOEFL preparation for the TOEFL test.

TOEFL Tips and Study Materials

Contains tips and study strategies from past takers, plus a list of study materials with user reviews.