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Quizzes that check your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. This is where you can test your knowledge of English and have fun at the same time. Try for 100%!

700 EFL/ESL Quiz Questions

Arranged into printable sets with ideas for use in classroom quiz games. All questions from EFL/ESL board game 'Word Up'.'s ESL Quiz Central's collection of quizzes focusing on TOEFL preparation, grammar problems, vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs.

Aha! Puzzles

Original creative puzzles with "aha!" answers designed by Lloyd King, author of 'Test Your Creative Thinking'.

Bradley's Free Online Activities

Lots of short games and quizzes for students studying English

English Ladder

Free English Quizzes

Englishtag Quiz

Try your knowledge in Englishtag Quiz !! History, Geography, Cinema, Science... Questions and Answers Game. Add Questions yourself !!

Fiesta Test Your English 4

Enrich your vocabulary skills. For advanced students.

IQ & Personality Tests

Check out our range of PhD certified IQ & personality tests

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Online quizzes organized by topic, grammar, and quiz type.

Should Quiz

Students can test their understanding of the modal verb Should with this ESL quiz.

Test your English 1

Quick test covering typical problem areas in grammar and vocabulary.

Test your English 2

Quick test covering typical problem areas in grammar and vocabulary.

the Sex Quiz for Dummies

A esl quiz that illustrates the real differences between men and woman


A fast and free way to practise the irregular verbs with verb lists, report cards and search function.

Would Quiz

Tests students' understanding of the modal verb "would". With answers.