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Lesson plans for teaching English as a second language

Lesson Plan: Language Through Drama  popular 
Students express a range of feelings with simple sentences.

Activities for the EFL/ESL Classroom
Ideas to liven up any class

Breaking News English
Ready-to-use ESL/EFL current affairs lessons. Uploaded daily.

Controversial Statements
For intermediate EFL/ESL students

Dictation for ESL
Dictation is sometimes frowned upon as an outmoded, teacher-centred writing activity with no real input from the student.

English lesson plans
ESL teaching materials including printable English lesson plans, games, quizzes, crossword puzzles, visual aids, texts, vocabulary and grammar exercises, class management instructions, as well as professional advice for ESL teachers.

Instant lessons - just print and teach! Lessons based on authentic newspaper articles.

ESL Lesson Plans
Lesson plans categorized by level and skill

ESL Lesson Plans
Lesson plans categorized by level and skill

Handouts Online
Free TEFL worksheets and other resources ready to print.

Improvisations for the EFL/ESL Classroom
Ideas for pair and group improvisations

Know your Unions!
In this lesson students can learn how to pronounce words beginning with the letter "u" (as in "untidy" or as in "union") and which indefinite article ("a" or "an") to use in front of them. Opportunities for practice are provided through a gap-fill exercise and a speaking task. Fluency is promoted through discussion questions relating to trade unions. For example: "How powerful are the unions in your country? How often do unions go on strike in your country?"

Learning Page
The Learning Page provides free, downloadable worksheets, ebooks, and lesson plans for teachers and parents of elementary level schoolchildren. There are hundreds of pages in theme-based and basic skills categories.

Make Your Own Matching Pairs Worksheets
Matching Pairs worksheets are good for things like collocations, translation of short phrases, first and last names of famous writers, presidents etc, phrasal verbs, opposites, synonyms, animals and countries, buildings and cities...and so on until you run out of ideas :)

Make Your Own Scrambled Word Worksheets
Scrambled Word worksheets can be used to check vocabulary and spelling, and improve reading and writing skills. You can make these easier by choosing a theme, so that all the words are about one subject such as the "weather" or "transport".

Make Your Own Sorting Worksheets
Sorting worksheets are perfect for exercises on regular/irregular verbs, parts of irregular verbs, synonyms, word stress patterns, male/female, countries/continents, capitals/countries...and anything you can think of.

Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals
"Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals contains a series of movie segments and activities to assess grammar points through fun, challenging exercises. Here you will find the movie segments, the lesson plans and the tips to develop your own grammar activities with the DVDs you have at home. New activities are posted regularly."

For elementary EFL/ESL students

Premier ESL
Free, top-quality, original ESL lesson plans and conversation questions using current world news events. Updated daily to guarantee fresh, engaging content.

Secret Code
For elementary+ EFL/ESL students

St Valentine's Day Lesson Plan
An original project/lesson plan that practises listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Stickyball ESL Resources
Great Resources for the Frustrated Teacher. Free grammar and phonics worksheets and handouts; tons of games, ideas, writing activities, plus GEPT ideas.

Topic Based Worksheets> Transport

Free listening, reading, grammar and pronunciation lesson plans for upper-intermediate, advanced and proficiency levels.

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