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Blogs written mostly for or by English learners

Free English Lessons
This blog offers grammar and vocabulary lessons for the English language. It also highlights common mistakes that learners of this language make. It is written, edited and maintained by an EFL teacher with more than 5 years of experience. A new lesson is written and posted each day and features a simplified explanation as well as an exercise that the student can do by posting to the comments section. Each comment is approved by the teacher and thorough feedback is provided with regard to the answers. Students do not need to sign up in order to leave comments. Furthermore, each lesson also concludes with a section of relevant vocabulary from the lesson.

Omid Language Centre
English resources for EFL learners

Strategies in Language Learning
Find out how to improve your language learning so you can become as effective as you once were (learning your first language!)

The Really Boring English Blog
Interesting ideas and activities for the boring bits of English like spelling, pronunciation, grammar etc

University English
A site for students of English for Academic Purposes

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