How do I write a lesson plan on past simple questions?

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How do I write a lesson plan on past simple questions?

Unread postby kuki » 05 Sep 2006, 16:02

Dear Lucy,
I have to do a lesson plan on Past simple question forms and short answers for elementary students.the lesson will be 45 minits.I am a beginner teacher.I wonder if you could me some idea how to start to write my lesson plan.
thank you,Kuki

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Lesson plan for simple past

Unread postby Lucy » 07 Sep 2006, 20:02

Dear Kuki,

I suggest you start with a very easy reading text in the simple past. You could use a dialogue between two friends who are talking about last weekend. You should choose a dialogue that mostly contains vocabulary the students are familiar with, alternatively write one yourself . By using familiar vocabulary, students will understand most of the text and the new item will be the structure and formation of simple past questions and short answers.
Have students read the dialogue and answer questions on it to check their understanding. Then ask them to focus on the language used; you could do this by asking students what question A asked B. Write this question on the board and show students how it is formed - did + subject + base form of verb; e.g. did you have a good weekend? Ask students whether the focus is the past, present or future. If they don't know, tell them the focus is on the past. Then draw students' attention to the short answer and explain its structure. Allow time for students to ask questions then have them repeat the question and short answer after you, have them repeat it as a whole class and individually. The focus here is on correct pronunciation; so it is important that you correct any errors.
You could use the text as a basis for controlled oral practice where students talk about what the 2 characters did at the weekend; you can use pictures to prompt questions. For example, show students a picture of a restaurant; encourage them to produce the following questions and answers: Did he go to a restaurant last weekend? Yes, he did or no, he didn't. You will need to give examples at the beginning and give lots of help and guidance when they are first forming questions. When you think students are performing well, you can turn the focus to what they did at the weekend. They ask each other questions and give short answers.
You can then follow this up with controlled written practice. You could have questions and answers where the words are all mixed up; students put the words back in the correct order.

Best wishes

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