DIY... Check out an agent or recruiter in only 2 hours...

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DIY... Check out an agent or recruiter in only 2 hours...

Unread postby Blink » 09 May 2014, 02:36

After I read about identity thieves posing as job recruiters in China asking for passport scans, I started being more careful about people contacting me out of the blue by email or Skype offering me jobs in China and telling me about great-paying jobs but insisting that I send them copies of my passport. So getting a little nervous, I started searching the internet and found a great way to avoid these sort of traps after my colleague shared this with me from something she read. Makes good sense to me. This is self-explanatory...

"Last May I attended a free 2 hour workshop at the Friendship Hotel hosted by the China Foreign Teachers Union and the topic was "Avoiding Scams And Working Safely In China." There were two guest speakers; a woman from SAFEA who was the director of one of the departments there, and a young guy from the Ministry of Education. His name was Bo. There was also a third speaker from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs scheduled for after the lunch break but I could not stay and it really doesn't matter now anyway.

Here is what I learn in the morning session about the five different ways to check out if any agent is legitimate (registered and licensed) and if they have a good reputation (even if they are not licensed - as most appear to be) BTW... This is only for Beijing. There are similar procedures and website for Shanghai and Guangzhou and they are listed on the CFTU's web site:

1) Visit Bldg. 5 of the Friendship Hotel complex (bring your passport or the guards will not let you go in). Go down the long corridor on the first floor until you pass the bathroom. The very next door opens into the international office of SAFEA and a woman named "Song" speaks English and will look up your recruiter in their system. She can tell you in five minutes if they are registered as a recruiter.

2) Go to the Tuanjiehu or Liangmaqiao subway station (line 10) and go just West of the Canadian International School you will find the government licensing building and on the first floor they have a reception desk for Chinese and one for foreigners. If you give them the CHINESE name or the license number of the recruiter, they will look them up and tell you in a few minutes if they are legitimate and how many complaints have been filed against them.

3) Visit this website with a Chinese friend and enter the license number of the recruiter and see what comes back and see if the addresses, names, and telephone numbers match.

4) Visit this link and see if you find the recruiter blacklisted. For them to be on this list, three or more people would have had to file a complaint within the last year that did not get resolved (no I don't know what "resolved" means - I forgot - sorry).

5) If you are in a hurry or to lazy to do all of the above, just send the agent the below letter and ask them to fill it out completely then it becomes much quicker easier to know who you are dealing with. "

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Re: DIY... Check out an agent or recruiter in only 3 hours..

Unread postby Volunteer » 09 May 2014, 23:00

I had to visit SAFEA in Beijing and you need to know that they moved from building to 5 to building 6 at the Friendship Hotel complex. It is only about a 200 meter walk from the north gate entrance on the third ring road and about a 1,000 meter walk (west) from Subway exit A2 of the Renmin University station on subway line 4. There are no signs that say SAFEA anywhere so print and keep this directions if you plan to work in Beijing. One day you will need this.

Also, I went to the link above and for some reason it will not open. But I found the same form letter everyone has been using in China here at this link

You can even download it and save it in your files. I have used this letter three times in the last two years and it helped me avoid a potential problem that would have cost me quite a few bucks.

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Re: DIY... Check out an agent or recruiter in only 2 hours..

Unread postby Nathan » 27 May 2014, 11:51

Hey...This actually worked!!! Thanks. I got one out of seven recruiters to fill out the form, so just for fun I checked the blacklists for the other six, and they were all listed!

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Re: DIY... Check out an agent or recruiter in only 2 hours..

Unread postby Abram » 02 Oct 2014, 12:15

Basically its about needing someone between your work who can help you with getting your thing easily and that is the way how it is normally.
Because it all have an impact we should be working towards betterment and this is the way how it normally works.
For my Traveling i have always used, and i must appreciate them for all their effort for their passengers.

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Re: DIY... Check out an agent or recruiter in only 2 hours..

Unread postby Murphy » 09 Oct 2014, 05:49

Abram... go sell your bs busticket somewhere else. As for the OP this is a GFI (great fuc*ing idea)! I will share your post with all my colleagues. Xie xie peng you!

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Re: DIY... Check out an agent or recruiter in only 2 hours..

Unread postby Astro » 15 Dec 2014, 05:50

Awesome! I also found three different ways that are also free and quick. Check this out ladies and gentlemen:

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