Advice re degree/work past work exp.

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Advice re degree/work past work exp.

Unread postby btblue » 13 Mar 2011, 02:33

Hi all.

I'm looking to do some travel towards the end of the year, possibly from October onwards and rather then just visit places, I want to also do some work. I had considerd taking a TEFL course a good few years back but then my cirumstances changed and I made other plans.

I am now in a position where I have no committments, and I want to take the opportunity and do something completely different, rewarding in a foreign setting.

My questions is this: I want to do a TEFL course however, I completed only one year of my two year degree course. This was a good 11 years ago (I am 38). Since then I have worked with various government agencies (further and school education) and local government as a marketing/communications manager.

Would my previous experience help in securing a position that would require a degree or not? I am not too concerned if not but wanted to ask the question prior to planning my one - two year break.

If you have any pointers suggestions for locations where, once I have completed my TEFL (and any courses you suggest) I would appreciate it.

Many thanks


Alex Case
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Re: Advice re degree/work past work exp.

Unread postby Alex Case » 18 Mar 2011, 23:25

Although it's talking about a two year degree, I think I've answered your questions here: ... xperience/

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