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Halloween game

Unread postby stremblay » 03 Mar 2011, 16:46

Here is one teaching activity about Halloween that I tried with my students during my practicum. I designed it myself and it worked out very well.

Material: You need two Halloween facts sheets: Halloween fact sheet A and Halloween fact sheet B. On these sheets, 15 facts about Halloween are written. (Note that the same facts are written on the two sheets and that you can find different Halloween facts on the internet. Also note that the number of facts depend on the number of students you have in your class. You actually need as many facts as the half of your class.). You also need a question sheet that can be answered using the Halloween fact sheets. (I made up the questions myself once I found the facts I wanted to talk about in class).

1) You first divide the class into two big groups. One group is groups A, and the other is group B.
2) You then have students stand up and form a straight line standing next to a partner of their team and facing someone from the opposing team. (If you don't have equal teams you can always improvise; ex: two students will work in teams)
3) You then assign students number (Student 1,2,3,4,5... in team A and the same thing in team B). Note that the students facing each other must have the same number.
4) Afterwards, you give each student number 1 of each team the Halloween fact sheet corresponding to the letter of his team.
5) Once everything is set, you answer the questions on the question sheet you made up. Each student 1 have to look for the answer on their respective Halloween fact sheet. The first to answers gives 1 point to his team.
6) Students 1 then pass their fact sheet to student 2 of their team. The teacher asks a different question and the activity is repeated until everyone has done the challenge.

I presented this activity as a game show just like ''The price is right'' to my students and they actually enjoyed it! I also gave chocolate to the winning team since it was on the day of Halloween! I would like to hear your comments if you plan to try it out with your students. Thank you!


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Re: Halloween game

Unread postby Warnner » 07 Jun 2011, 07:14

nice idea how we can draw Halloween game between class-fellows..
Treasure hunt is one of most popular game that was playing on Halloween.
thanks for sharing nice idea..

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Re: Halloween game

Unread postby meimeilarry » 13 Mar 2012, 04:08

great idea. I think you are right!!!

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