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Teaching Business English

Unread postby NatGagnon » 03 Mar 2011, 16:25

I was faced with a difficult task last semester in a school where I am a teaching assistant. The course that I was assigned to was a business English class and quite frankly, this scared me. I have never been in any official business meetings, nor am I familiar with the vocabulary. It was quite a challenge considering the fact that I had to learn what they were learning and specialize in it just a bit before them. I believe that, even if I wasn’t perfected in the domain, a teacher must always show a sign of confidence in their teaching. With my classes at university, my practicum, my teaching assistant job, and my real job, I was overloaded with work tasks and getting familiarized with business English material was not an easy job.

To all you teaching assistants, I wish you the very best when confronted with an unknown subject.

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