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Post for BEALS students / Do you like teaching to Young Kids

Unread postby jeffreyrod » 03 Mar 2011, 15:00

Hey guys, I couldn't find nothing interesting to post on so I'm creating something for us. This post is just about saying if you like or not teaching to young learners?
Personally, I really enjoy teaching to them because they are so fun, entertaining and loving. It's so nice to see them smile and laugh when they do things, they are so interested in most of what they do and their childish enthusiasm is awesome. Of course, sometimes there's a lot more discipline to do because they are so excited, but at the same time there's some discipline to do at the secondary level too. But, the biggest difference between the two is the interest level of students, at the secondary level you have to bust your ass to interest them while young learners are a lot more likely to be interested in what you do.

What do you think? (or say whatever you want)

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