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Online certification for Japan??

Unread postby treeleaves » 19 Jan 2011, 19:00

I am currently pressed as to what online school to choose for an initial basic certification on TESOL or TEFL for use here in Japan. My current choices are:

1.) i to i (120 hours online and 20 hours in class available in Japan.. I don't know if its a practicum teaching leading to experience equivalent..)
-my feedback: website looks commercialized and travel-oriented. no downloadable syllabus, hyped accreditation)

2.) american tesol institute (which they have a partner school here in japan called volta assoc. which only offers 90 hours online and about 10 or 20 hours in class.. not sure if its a teaching practicum though or just a normal in class lecture...)
-my feedback: the site is simple, and the information about the courses is adequate. There is a physical address, no hype on accreditation, downloadable syllabus... my problem is I have not heard of American Tesol Institute before, nor have I read something about it in any other forums.

3.) LTTC ("diploma" in tesol) - good feedback from others except for the delayed certificate, purely online, offers a "diploma" in tesol which seems dubious...)

so here is my situation..

I am a graduate of a 4 year course (Industrial Economics) and used English all through out my academic years. I am currently in Japan and have been studying Japanese for 6 months now. I have been applying to different public schools, eikaiwas (Berlitz, Shane...) and private schools since I came here...however either they don't reply or say that the position has been filled. I even went to the prefecture's town hall and talked with the ward's president of the board of education, but still to no avail. I was informed that a TESOL or TEFL is required if I have no teaching experience. She even suggested me to get a certification online before the season of hiring new teachers starts. So being a non-native, I thought maybe I can have a better position in the teaching industry by taking a certification.

I read the posts here by Alex and systematic as well as the mysterious ICALpete and they gave me great feedback I have read the article about how to avoid some TEFL course/scam... So now I have narrowed my options to those three online schools..

I want to assure that my certificate will be accepted and my money not wasted. Which course should I take given the prices of each courses? Or should I stick with my credentials and try my luck applying to public/private schools this season without taking any certifications?

one more thing, I am currently giving private business english lessons to five japanese with diverse professionals and I seem to be enjoying it.

So, in short, do I take a certification? which one? or should I just make a go for it without taking any certification? thanks..


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