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Quality TESL/TEFL Training

Unread postby wyomabest » 30 Nov 2005, 02:42

Hello All,
I plan to get TESL/TEFL training outside the US. Please share any comments or thoughts you have on how you select a quality training program. As I do my research, there are so many... really overwhelming!

Also, are there any accreditations or special criteria that I should consider?

I am most grateful to you for your response. Thank you. Wyoma

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Unread postby chosimba » 08 Dec 2005, 02:11

I think the main thing is that the TEFL course you choose is validated. There are many courses that state they are moderated by a university for example, whereas in reality, these institutes merely pay a fee to the university to use their names. I suggest doing a Cambridge validated course..they are the most internationally recognised and valued certifiactes available. Hope this helps.

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Unread postby Mary » 28 May 2006, 10:33

I think it is important to consider the trainers' qualifications and years of experience (and bredth of experience!), as well as the program's approach to your learning.

Good luck!

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