Teaching Online during Maternity Leave

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Teaching Online during Maternity Leave

Unread postby wordlefan » 21 Dec 2010, 16:46

I'm taking a few years off from teaching after having a baby. I want to keep teaching English part-time in evenings or on weekends and I know that some teachers use Skype and other chat services to teach online for extra work. What's the best way to find students??? What kind of video chat is best? Do I need a website?

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Re: Teaching Online during Maternity Leave

Unread postby ladla » 17 Mar 2015, 10:52

FREE sites are rare to find..


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Re: Teaching Online during Maternity Leave

Unread postby lesaharmon » 27 Nov 2015, 08:09


During my first pregnancy, I started teaching in a physical classroom until the semester ended; during summers, I taught online, I used to log in to my universites educatioal site and further then into my classes. I used to work even in the hospital and with a newborn in my lap.

After delivery for further six months, I used to taught once-a-week in class on Saturdays, so that my husband could care for her when I was teaching, and I taught a few classes online. Thereafter, I arranged to pay a family member for childcare the days that I taught and needed grading time. I still have this arrangement. Again, in the summer, I just taught online.

Well, here is another suggestion, you can even create your own website or youcan make your video regarding the subject you teach for different lessons and than you can download them on youtube, if students will like it, they wil lautomatically follow you or will directly try to connect you via skyup or ways. Just have to place your online contact information.

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