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Placement Tests

Unread postby Coltje » 25 Nov 2005, 16:50

I'm a student teacher ESL. For my paper I'm working on a language camp.

But to organise this camp properly, I want to select my pupils and put them together in coherent groups according to level of English.
I searched the Internet for some of those tests, and I found some, but I didn't really find an explanation on how those tests work.

Can anyone give me a link or some explanation on how to make one of those tests myself? How do I make a representative test to divide my groups?

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placrement test

Unread postby saigonlu » 15 Jun 2006, 08:04

I need some placement tests to divide my students into best levels so that they can benefit more..

the placement should be applied to anybody at any level.

I'd appreciate if you could recommend some tests if you have any.

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