DELTA vs degree at this stage?!?!

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DELTA vs degree at this stage?!?!

Unread postby Indosaz » 11 Nov 2010, 07:40

I'm currently in two minds as to whether to pursue the DELTA or take on a degree course, and would like to know which would be more advantageous to my progression in this field.

I understand the DELTA is roughly equivalent to a master's degree, yet am unsure whether my lack of a BA would render the DELTA redundant in terms of progressing to teacher trainer level or beyond.

I completed a CELTA course about three years ago, and currently find myself stagnating here in my current job and need something new to get my teeth into! I am however in a fortunate position financially and am therefore reluctant to move on while I can afford to gain further qualifications.

Please advise!!

Many thanks,

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Re: DELTA vs degree at this stage?!?!

Unread postby systematic » 11 Nov 2010, 19:02

Hi Indosaz,
I would strongly recommend that you visit the official Cambridge University DELTA web site at:

there you will understand that the DELTA is neither an equivalent of an Master degree, nor is it even a substitute for a Bachelor degree, or any other university degree.

DELTA is nevertheless a highly regarded qualification and some UK universities will trade it for a few credits on their Master degree courses. See:

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