CELTA interview task - how to teach "awkward"

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CELTA interview task - how to teach "awkward"

Unread postby nuttynat » 11 Nov 2010, 12:07

HI there,

I have my interview for my CELTA course on Monday, as part of it I will have to pretend to teach the following to the interviewer.

How would you explain what the underlined word means in this sentence: it was a very awkward situation.

I am really stuck on how I would explain the word 'awkward' to some intermediate learners.

Can anybody help?

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Re: CELTA interview task - how to teach "awkward"

Unread postby subaru » 24 Nov 2010, 13:51

When something that is awkward it is difficult to move or use because of its shape or position
e.g. 'The crates were much too heavy and awkward for one person to carry.

Thesaurus entry for this meaning of awkward not comfortable, relaxed, or confident
'He stood there looking stiff and awkward in his uniform'.

The uniform example is a good one, especially if you explain a for example a 'priest going to buy maybe a pack of condoms'. Now thats awkward.

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