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Distance DELTA

Unread postby Melinda » 05 Nov 2005, 20:36

I'm thinking of registering for the International House London-administered Distance DELTA course. I've heard it has a good reputation but does anyone have first-hand knowledge of this course?
Also, is there a very high success rate of getting an ESL teaching position in a university -in an English-speaking country- with DELTA? Or is an MA in Applied Linguistics or other qualification preferred? How many years teaching experience would be expected before landing a university position?

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Distance DELTA

Unread postby Carmen » 07 Nov 2005, 19:04

Dear Melinda,

I took the distance DELTA course at IH and I thought it was excellent.

when I took it, you needed a local supervisor and this person is the key to success.

As to getting a job in a university, I think it depends on the country and the uni. DELTA generally prepares you for classroom teaching which can be very different to uni.

hope this helps

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