Teaching vocab of hobbies

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Teaching vocab of hobbies

Unread postby barbi » 21 Oct 2010, 22:51

Hi !!

I wondered whether you could give me some advice.

I am doing a lesson plan which is to teach vocab of popular hobbies and to revise adverbs of frequency.

The level is elementary and the age will be primary school.

I will revise the adverbs of frequency in the warmer.

Now for the target language, i am confused as to whether its purely just the single words (vocab) or do i need question forms/sentences?

Reading etc....

The objective only says to teach vocab of hobbies, so i don't know whether i need to include more??

Any advice would be helpful!

Thank youuuu

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Re: Teaching vocab of hobbies

Unread postby LouannePiccolo » 24 Oct 2010, 17:58

It all seems a bit vague. Where did you get the objective from?

You say the class are elementary students. Do you know if they can handle question forms or if they have ever learnt them before? If not, then why even go there at all? If you are supposed to be teaching hobbies vocab then teach the vocab unless you have been specifically asked to teach question forms as well.

You can always try and get the students to put the new vocab into sentences if they can handle it. It'll make games a bit more difficult and allow them to practice other language forms at the same time but that is really up to you. For ex: instead of just getting children to say a word, you could always get them to put it into a sentence like "I like to read" or "I play tennis".

I hope this helps because I'm not really sure I understood the problem!

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