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Scam? World Tesol College ~

Unread postby interestedparty » 03 Aug 2010, 18:30

I enrolled and then completed on July 20th the Business Course online through World Tesol College, which promises a high paid job in the country of my choice (in my case, France). I am waiting to hear from them regarding my teaching contract with a school in Paris, as well as the starting date.

Following are excerpts from our correspondence: “Yes we have plenty of well paid openings available in Paris for this season. It is a bonus that you speak French and will make it easy to place you in any of our associated schools in Paris. Every school we are working with is offering free furnished accommodation within walking distance from school, competitive salary, and free upfront airfare. Two of the schools (in the Montmartre area of Paris) need three teachers to start either August 15th or October 15th – one year contract. The salary is 2400 Euro per month / Net. We will start working on your teaching contract the moment you enroll online. The school will start the upcoming visa process as soon as you agreed on all terms and conditions mentioned in the teaching contract. All terms and conditions are written in English for your understanding. It will take the host school approximately two weeks to get your work visa done, which is valid for one year of time. However, the work visa can be extended after that. All costs and fees for the visa are covered by the school.”

Before enrolling I asked regarding references and received this response: “Please note that the US BBB is usually not related to UK companies and institutions. The BBB is focusing on ‘offline’ businesses. However, our online courses are registered and approved by several accreditation bodies such as the ECE and the OAE. Further our online courses have been named several times “best online courses” by the renowned EFL Journal.” I cannot locate on the internet either the ECE or the OAE, nor can I find the EFL Journal quotation. I have asked World Tesol College for these links without response.

If this program is fraudulent, what are my options for receiving a refund of the $600 I spent?

Thank you.

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Re: World Tesol College ( - scam?

Unread postby Jo » 04 Aug 2010, 05:20

Did you check their address, given on their site as:

Cambridge, England, U.K.
Clarkson Road / CB1 1LY

The address format is unusual to say the least.
There is no street number.
Clarkson Road does exist but is nowhere near CB1 1LY.

Did you call their phone number?

It appears not to exist.

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Re: World Tesol College ( - scam?

Unread postby sarayist » 18 Sep 2010, 21:52

Can you tell me what happened with the World Tesol College? Did everything work out or is it a scam? I am considering enrolling as well. Any news?

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Re: World Tesol College ( - scam?

Unread postby nicole » 13 Nov 2010, 17:01

Hey I was also considering enrolling is this really a scam? I can't afford to have $600 stolen from me.

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Re: Scam? World Tesol College ~

Unread postby newstudent » 02 Dec 2010, 20:53

It does indeed look like a scam!

As Josef says, the address looks suspicious! I do know Clarkson Road - it is an pleasant upmarket area of Cambridge where there are various large houses, some divided into several bedsits etc. Several colleges of Cambridge University are nearby [Robinson, Clare Hall etc] and some of the larger houses appear to be college owned as student accommodation etc.

I am also a bit suspicious about the 'testimonials' - the accompanying pictures all look too similar; as I write this, I am looking at the photos we have all submitted for our college notice board, and although they are all basic head-and-shoulders photos, they don't look so 'uniform'. Note also that the 'satisfied students' don't give anything that really identifies them e.g. that they are employees of a particular company or school.

I would suggest that no one on this board should part with any money until this has been checked out more thoroughly.

Although not conclusive proof as a scam, I am a bit surprised that the company charges in dollars with apparently no option to pay in pounds sterling as an alternative to dollars - after all, the company purports to be based in England.

As to the chances of 'interestedparty' getting a refund, it might be the case that his credit card company [I am assuming that s/he paid by credit card] could be approached for a refund. Under English law [according to website] credit card companies are legally obliged to offer refunds.

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