One-on-one with Bulgarian Teen. HELP!

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One-on-one with Bulgarian Teen. HELP!

Unread postby shadowqueen » 17 Sep 2010, 09:35

So I signed up to teach english in Germany, and I work in a Gymnasium (grammar school) here. I've been assigned two hours a week to teach a 15 year old Bulgarian kid how to speak English. He's learnt english for about a year, but seems unable to count to 10 without great difficulty, and he has only learnt german for 3 weeks. There are some serious communication issues here as I obviously wasn't expecting to have to know basic Bulgarian. The school needs me to get his level of english right up this semester as they don't want to move him down a year.

They have no material they can offer me, and they don't want to use the textbooks for the younger kids as they are really really childish. I have been using the textbook for the 10 year old, but I want something that's a little more adult-focused. The school is unlikely to pay for any new textbooks so I was wondering if there was anything online that could help me with structure.

Any help or advice with this would be really appreciated!

Queenie x

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